Sandra Lerner

A Journey, 2015

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Painting Series:

Lerner, who has been described as a romantic visionary, provides insights in her art into inescapable truths, but her paintings also please the eye and afford aesthetic pleasure.
Art historian, Donald Kuspit, who wrote an essay in the exhibition invitation, says Lerner's works "seem rooted in the grand tradition of romantic landscape painting, with the landscape reduced to its abstract fundamentals, streamlined to its expressive essential."
But Kuspit added that the elements of her paintings suggest that "something more is at stake than romantically suggestive pure art."
The horizon line in Lerner's paintings is in perpetual movement, in endless flux. In some works, Kuspit says, the line seems seductive, even voluptuous, while in others int seems agitated and tense, as though a nerve at loose ends. Sometimes it seems labored, at other times it flows effortlessly.
Donald Kuspit, exhibition essay, June Kelly Gallery, October - November 2015
Looking at Sandra Lerner's new series of paintings, Flux/Space, one sees sweep,energy, subtle grandeur, and a hint of landscape. The painterly horizon line moving, with the insistence of what Kandinsky called "inner necessity," across the canvas, is sometimes dense and forceful, at other times seems fragile and uncertain, and always sky blue, so that it stands out of the atmospheric field it divides...
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by Donald Kuspit